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Manifestation Labradorite Crystal Pen

Manifestation Labradorite Crystal Pen

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Introducing our 2-in-1 Manifestation Labradorite Pen! Crafted with beautiful labradorite crystal inside, this pen is not only a stylish writing tool, but also a powerful manifestation aid. Labradorite is known to enhance intuition and promote spiritual growth, making it the perfect crystal to help bring your dreams and goals to fruition.

With smooth black ink and a stylus tip, this pen can be used for both writing and navigating your touch screen devices. Let the energy of labradorite guide your thoughts and actions as you manifest your deepest desires.

Whether you're signing important documents or journaling about your manifestation journey, this pen will be your go-to writing tool. Order now and start harnessing the power of labradorite in your daily life!

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