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Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. Its unique glassy texture and deep black coloration have made it a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts for centuries. In this guide, we'll explore the history, properties, associations, and uses of obsidian.

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History and Mythology

Obsidian has a rich history in ancient cultures. It was highly valued by the ancient Mayans, who used it for cutting tools, weapons, and decorative objects. The ancient Greeks also used obsidian to create mirrors, due to its highly reflective surface.

In ancient healing traditions, obsidian was believed to have protective properties, shielding the wearer from negative energies and psychic attacks. It was also thought to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness.


Obsidian is a highly protective stone, shielding the wearer from negative energies and psychic attacks. Its reflective surface is believed to act as a mirror, deflecting negative energy back to its source. Obsidian is also said to promote self-awareness and personal growth, allowing the wearer to see themselves and their own behavior more clearly.

Obsidian is formed from volcanic activity, which gives it a unique connection to the earth and its energies. It is associated with the root chakra, which is responsible for grounding and stability.


Obsidian is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio, due to its intense energy and protective qualities. It is also associated with the planet Pluto, which is associated with transformation and rebirth.

In terms of chakra associations, obsidian is primarily linked to the root chakra. However, it can also be used to balance and activate other chakras, particularly the sacral and solar plexus chakras.


Obsidian has a wide range of uses in the spiritual and metaphysical community. It can be used for protection, grounding, and spiritual growth. Here are some common ways to use obsidian:

  • Carrying a piece of obsidian in your pocket or wearing it as jewelry for protection and grounding
  • Placing obsidian in your home or workspace to absorb negative energy and promote a sense of calm
  • Meditating with obsidian to enhance self-awareness and personal growth
  • Using obsidian in crystal grids to enhance the energy of other stones and create a protective barrier


Obsidian is a powerful crystal with a rich history and many uses. Its protective qualities and connection to the earth make it a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking protection, grounding, or spiritual growth, obsidian is a valuable tool to add to your crystal collection.

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