Crystal Healing Guide

Whether you're new to the world of crystal healing or looking to deepen your knowledge and practice, this page is the perfect starting point.

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1.What is Crystal Healing?

2. Crystal Towers, Tumbles and Carvings

3. How Crystals Can Affect you?

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1. What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative therapy that uses the natural energy of crystals to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Each crystal has its unique properties and vibrations that can be used to support different areas of your life.

How does it work?

Crystals work by interacting with your body's energy field, also known as your aura. By placing crystals on or near your body, you can balance and harmonize your energy, release blockages, and promote healing.

How to use crystals for healing:

  • Choose a crystal that resonates with your intention or the area you wish to work on (for example, rose quartz for love and self-care, amethyst for stress relief and spiritual growth, or citrine for abundance and manifestation).
  • Cleanse your crystal by holding it under running water, there's also smoking incense or palo santo with it, or placing it in sunlight or moonlight.
  • Set your intention by holding the crystal in your hand and focusing on your desired outcome.
  • Place the crystal on or near the area you wish to heal, or carry it with you throughout the day.
  • Repeat as needed, and trust in the healing power of your crystals.

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2. Crystal Towers, Tumbles and Carvings

Crystal Towers and Tumbles

Towers and Tumbles are popular shapes for crystals and can be used for healing in various ways. Tumbled stones can be carried with you throughout the day, placed in your pocket or worn as jewelry for constant energy support. Towers, on the other hand, can be placed on your desk or bedside table for a more stationary energy source.

Crystal Carvings and Sculptures

Carvings of symbols and animals can also hold special meaning and energy. For example, a crystal carving of a heart can be used to promote self-love and emotional healing, while a carving of a snake can be used for transformation and shedding old patterns. It's important to trust your intuition when choosing a crystal carving, and to research the symbolism and energy behind the specific shape or animal.

A Life with Crystals

By incorporating different crystal shapes and carvings into your practice, you can deepen your connection with the healing energy of crystals and unlock new levels of spiritual growth and transformation.

3. How Crystals Affect You

What you can expect

Crystals are believed to have a powerful impact on our emotions and overall wellbeing. When working with crystals, you can expect to feel a sense of calm and relaxation. They can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression by providing a sense of grounding and balance.

Many people also report feeling a heightened sense of intuition and spiritual connection when working with crystals. Crystals can help open up the third eye and crown chakras, which are associated with intuition and spiritual awareness. This can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

In addition, crystals can help promote physical healing by addressing imbalances in the body's energy system. Each crystal has a unique energy frequency that can be used to address specific physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. For example, rose quartz is often used for emotional healing and heart chakra work, while amethyst is known for its calming energy and ability to promote restful sleep.

When working with crystals, it's important to remember that the experience can be different for everyone. Some people may feel an immediate shift in energy, while others may experience a more gradual change over time. It's also important to set intentions and work with the crystals regularly to maximize their benefits.

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We hope this guide has been helpful in introducing you to the world of crystal healing. Remember, the key to effective crystal healing is to listen to your intuition and trust in the power of these beautiful natural tools.